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Pledge Drive Fall 2019

October 21, 2019

On behalf of the volunteers of Catholic 540-AM ¬ Divine Mercy Radio, I want to thank all of you who donated to our recent FALL PLEDGE DRIVE.

This 100% listener supported radio station would not be able to stay on the air without your support, your prayers, and your generosity.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures of our On-Air guest speakers who graciously gave of their time to help us raise fund during the pledge drive.

Top Row (left to right): Ellen Beley, Fr. Peter Grace, Msgr. Doug Reid, Jackie Bonk.
Middle Row (left to right): Msgr David Brockman, Msgr. Jeffrey Ingham, Mandy Howard.
Bottom Row (left to right): Luci Pereira-Pasarin, Fr.Joshua West, Sr. Mary Shea, Kerry Urdzik

And of course, I hope you will continue to listen to Divine Mercy Radio, so that you are learning your faith, loving your faith, and living your holy Catholic faith.

Be sure to tell others about Catholic540 Divine Mercy Radio. Many of our call-in donors have asked us to send one (or two) of our car magnets. If you don’t have one, and would like to help us spread the word, please send your name and address in an email to Or, if you are near Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Raleigh, they usually have a supply in the parish office.

Again many thanks for the generous donations from so many new listeners, and for the wonderful matching funds from our loyal donors.

Cecelia Flanary, Director of Divine Mercy Radio


Finally, if you own a local business or know someone who does, please let them know about the Catholic 540-AM • Divine Mercy Radio Underwriting program. We feature :30 second announcements on our air about our Business Underwriters. Underwriting helps companies promote their products and services while also raising critical money for our station’s operations. Underwriting support may be tax deductible. To learn more about Underwriting, click here.

As always, please pray for us and God bless you. Thanks!!!

Welcome to Catholic 540AM • Divine Mercy Radio

Divine Mercy Radio is a lay apostolate dedicated to sharing the truth, beauty, love and joy of the Catholic faith through the medium of radio in North Carolina. Divine Mercy Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through LIVE internet streaming here at CATHOLIC540AM.ORG.

Click on the LISTEN button above and join us!

Our goal to expand our broadcast area in North Carolina over AM radio became a reality on February 4, 2019. WETC-AM now reaches a potential audience of over 3 million people in Eastern and Central North Carolina!

Your continued donations are critical for the daily operating costs of this listener supported station to deliver the word of God to a vast majority of North Carolina! We could not do this without YOU. See the map below for a picture of our radio broadcast area!

Click here to see the many ways to donate. We need you now! God bless you for your generosity!

After moving to Wake Forest from Long Island a few years ago, I began to sense that the Lord was calling me to apply to the seminary to discern the priesthood. However, I was afraid to heed His call. I was comfortable working as a teacher and I didn’t want my life to change. However, Jesus was persistent and would keep calling me for the next six years. I would listen to Divine Mercy Radio every day while driving to work and I kept hearing stories about the priesthood and listeners speaking about their own vocational struggles. One day, I heard a young man discussing his decision to apply to the seminary and how happy he was that he did. I knew that I couldn’t run from Jesus any longer. As a seminarian for the Diocese of Raleigh, I am truly grateful for Divine Mercy Radio for giving me the courage to apply to the seminary. May our Lord bless Divine Mercy Radio and may Our Blessed Mother watch over all who listen to this remarkable radio station!

Adam Galetti, Seminarian of the Diocese of Raleigh, January 18