On Saturday, January 16, 2021, hundreds of people from across our state came to Raleigh to stand up for the protection of the unborn at the North Carolina Right to Life Rally and March.

Covering it all as it happened, the volunteers and staff of Catholic 540-AM, Divine Mercy Radio broadcast the entire rally LIVE from downtown Raleigh’s Bicentennial Square, as well as covering the Diocesan events that preceded it.

Catholic 540-AM Right to Life broadcasts began at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh with the Rosary for Life. This was followed by a Mass for Life with Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama presiding, which also carried live on Divine Mercy Radio.

Our radio anchors, producers and engineers then convened in downtown Raleigh for the Rally and March.

We heard from captivating pro-life speakers and advocates like North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, North Carolina Right to Life President Dr. Bill Pincus, and Bishop of the Diocese of Raleigh the Most Reverend Luis Rafael Zarama.

Equally captivating were the stories shared by the Rally participants, some of whom had attended the March many times since it began 23 years ago. Catholics and fellow Christians shared support and some of the challenges in their individual journeys to understand and defend the rights of the unborn. It was a powerful afternoon, all covered on live, local Catholic radio.

Catholic 540-AM, Divine Mercy Radio would like to thank everyone who came out to support the Rally and our live broadcast. We would especially like to thank the Divine Mercy Radio volunteers, staff, supporters and friends – who braved the cold and wind – for making possible our live radio broadcast of the North Carolina Right to Life Rally and March:

Gordon Becton
John Brewer
Dale Dawson
Tina Dawson
Cecelia Flanary
Keith Flanary

AnnMarie Fontana
Mark Hite
Kris Kobylinski
Deacon Josh Klickman
Hugh Largey
Laura Largey

Josh Lonnecker
David Modlin
Joseph O’Connell
Peter K. O’Connell
Betty Rogosich
Ellen White

Many thanks also to Dr. Bill Pincus, Bobby Singleton, the staff of NC Right to Life, along with the Raleigh Police Department and the State Capitol Police.