Divine Mercy Radio encourages you to register to vote (if you haven’t already). Please vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Every U.S. citizen has the right to make their own voting decisions. No group, entity or individual can or should tell anyone else how to vote. Neither will we.

In an effort to discern their own approach to the coming election, some listeners have contacted the volunteers of Catholic 540-AM about how we have individually set our voting priorities prior to considering candidates or issues in an election.

First of all, no one at the station has the perfect insight into the issues and candidates before us. We appreciate how complicated the decisions facing us are and we can get overwhelmed by it all as well.

Praying for guidance is a great place to start.

Another great tool is the EWTN Voters Guide, which doesn’t tell you who or what to vote for but rather it reviews Catholicism’s general moral principles, specific moral issues in voting and provides an overall guide to moral duties involved with voting.

Our volunteers have found that by looking at the individuals and issues in an election through the lens of our Catholic faith, our focus becomes clearer and options become more obvious.

Many years ago, someone asked Mother Mary Angelica, foundress of EWTN, who they should vote for in an election.

She simply answered: “Vote life.”

The volunteers of Divine Mercy Radio could not agree more. We have adopted Mother Angelica’s powerful words as our prayerful focus during all local, state and national elections.

Protecting the dignity of human life from conception to natural death is at the Divine heart of what it means to be a Catholic. And Catholicism is why this radio station exists.

May God bless the United States of America and all its citizens.